Ronnie Nicknames Female Intern 'Smiles'

Howard said he was walking out with Ronnie the Limo Driver yesterday and Ronnie greeted the female intern who held the door open for them with a flirtatious nickname: "He goes, 'Hello, Smiles'...[and] I go, 'Oh no. Do I lecture him now?' I'm so tired of lecturing."

Howard laughed at Ronnie's infamously tactless personality: "He thinks he's being charming." Robin thought Ronnie should be more cautious around the interns: "It's not time for charm." Ronnie came in to defend himself: "She's the only girl here. They don't smile, the rest of them...I'm not doing anything to her. What am I doing?"

Katie, the show's only female intern this semester, then came in echo Ronnie's defense: "He hasn't done anything wrong. There's no flirtation...[but] I guess I'd rather be Katie." Katie also said she wasn't remotely attracted to Ronnie--and didn't believe he was flirting with her: "Not really. No. But I'd rather, since this is an opportunity--it's an internship--I'd rather, I guess, not have a nickname."