Benjy’s Lurking Flower Delivery

The Stern staffer had a surprise for Howard at his home.

January 4, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said he and Beth had gone out for turkey burgers last night and returned home to find a strange man on their block: “I see this character lurking outside my building. I didn’t recognize him. I didn’t realize I knew him…he’s staring at me and this is just creepy. And it was Benjy!” Benjy’s presence was odder when Howard noticed that he was on a bike and had a huge gift in hand: “And it was freezing last night!” Howard said Benjy’s gift, “a beautiful orchid with a glass vase,” was appreciated but the whole situation was strange: “I mean it was weird. I don’t know anybody who gets on a bike and makes his own delivery.” Benjy was disappointed that that he’d been caught making the delivery, but thought it went well: “I thought it was a great nice moment.” Howard said it was, but: “It was just weird…I mean, it’ll be dead in a week. But it was lovely.”