King of All Blacks Has a Sock Stash

January 6, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

King of All Blacks called in with a series of questions, but Howard had one of his own, as he figured that King, a foot fetishist, had to have an opinion on the Rex Ryan scandal.

King said he liked the video that was leaked, since it featured Michelle Ryan’s dirty “after work feet” in sweaty socks–King explained that he loved it “when it looks like they’re [socks] sticking to their feet.”

King revealed that he keeps 9 pairs of used women’s socks in his closet: “You turn ’em inside out and then smell ’em and then after you bust your load you feel like putting a gun to your head.”

King handles them carefully afterward: “You put ’em in back in the bag–because they come in a bag–so they don’t lose their scents.”

Later, King’s wife got on the line to say she abides his fetish in the bedroom: “I just let him do whatever he wants. I tell him to stop and it makes him crazy…I think he likes it more when I act like I don’t like it.”