Seth Rogen on Slimming Down for ‘Green Hornet’ and Working With His Writing Partner Evan Goldberg

Actor and comedian also opens up about life in Hollywood

January 6, 2011
Photo: Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos

Seth Rogen stopped by Thursday to promote his new action film, “The Green Hornet.”

Seth told Howard and co-host Robin Quivers he got fit for the role by getting stoned before going to the gym. “I had a spotter at all times,” he insisted.

The pot-induced haze kept him from realizing he was actually working out. “I realized that … I hated working out so much … that I could do it, like, really early in the morning if I smoked weed and then did it and then came home and went back to sleep. It would [just] be like a bad dream,” Seth told Howard.

Part of Rogen’s workout motivation was to make sure his film was free from the burden of fat jokes. “You can have a goofy Green Hornet and a somewhat stupid Green Hornet but you can’t have a fat Green Hornet,” he explained with a laugh.

Robin asked him if he’d managed to maintain his slimmed-down “Green Hornet” body and Seth confessed he’s slipped a bit. “I’m getting a little bigger, I’ll be honest,” he said.

Writing Partner

Seth noted that he’d worked on “The Green Hornet” script with his writing partner, Evan Goldberg.

Howard asked if Evan ever got jealous of the money Seth makes from acting.

“Literally, right now we’re rewriting something, so he can kind of catch up,” Seth laughed. “I realized that the closer he is to me in money, the easier my life is, too, because then I don’t have to do stuff so he can make money.”

Howard asked if Seth’s house was nicer than Evan’s and Seth nodded. “It’s significantly nicer than his,” he said. “He’s not good with nice things. He’s the guy that breaks his shit.”

Seth later said he didn’t feel too bad as things used to be the other way around. “When we were growing up, his family was way richer than mine,” he laughed.

Hollywood Life

Howard wondered why Hollywood never came calling for him, but Seth told him to be careful what he asked for—he’s got a perfect record: “You’re one of the rare people that 100 percent of your movies have been successful.”

Seth said Hollywood was a weird scene anyway. “Anytime a girl comes up to me and is, like, clearly hitting on me, it’s just insane to me,” he said.