The Psych Test Results: The Sane

January 19, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Dr. Debbie Magids then came in to read her evaluations, starting with the sanest–Howard, who leapt up, crowing: “I told you! Give me the money!”

Before Dr. Magids moved on, she told Howard she did detect several “personality features,” including excessive emotionality, dependence and a need for constant approval and attention.

Next up was Steve Langford, who had only one fault: “Steve Langford came out high but not overly high on obsessive compulsive personality.”

Gary clarified Steve’s OCD score: “He scored a 77 on it. It was the only category he scored high in. Other than that, he didn’t even break a 65.”

Dr. Magids said Steve also scored 67 on her ‘sadistic’ scale: “It means there’s a lot of residual anger inside.”

Dr. Magids said Fred was third most-sane participant, as his personality features, while high, canceled each other out: “Fred scored an 83 on narcissistic personality. Now Fred also had, as a secondary, schizotypal personality. It means he’s detached, a little withdrawn, socially isolated…it balances out the narcissism.”