Jeff ‘the Vomit Guy’ Returns and Is Grosser Than Ever

January 31, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jeff ‘The Vomit Guy’ Levy stopped by to catch up with the crew, but Howard was resistant: “I was against you coming in because I’m so disgusted by you.”

Jeff was deflated: “I’m disappointed. I’m truly humbled by being in your presence.”

Robin laughed: “You should be humbled by everyone.”

Jeff hoped the show could finally find him a woman who might vomit for him, as the last girl Howard found–porn star Tabitha Stevens–wouldn’t go all the way: “The best she did was spit on me.”

Jeff claimed he was not sick, just afflicted with multiple paraphilias, which are “not necessarily a major mental disorder, whereas a compulsive fetishist…”

Howard stopped Jeff and asked if he’d like to have a woman to vomit on him, but Jeff denied it, saying it was, for him, a voyeuristic act: “I like watching it…I could just as easily be watching in the back as they’re puking into a toilet or a sink or something.”