Meet Orly, the Matchmaker

February 10, 2011

‘Famed’ Beverly Hills matchmaker Orly called in to tell the crew about her ‘introduction’ service, for which she charges $100,000: “Minimum, baby! Nothing less than 100.”

Orly said she usually kept quiet about her client list (“Normally it is all confidential.”) but wanted to tell Howard about the work she’s done for Gayle King: “Because I’m giving you a scoop. Just for you.”

Orly said she’d been Gayle’s matchmaker for the last 10 years, leading Robin to note that Gayle was still single: “Well, then you’re doing a terrible job.”

Orly’s claimed Gayle insisted on getting “everything” for free and never liked the men Orly introduced to her: “She always found something wrong with them.”

After Orly speculated that Gayle might be gay, Robin was taken aback: “This is your client?”

Howard laughed at Orly’s incompetence: “Orly is also Kirstie Alley’s personal trainer.” Undaunted, Orly promised to call in regularly with more ‘scoops.’