Howard is the ‘Top Man’ at His Photo Shoot

February 28, 2011

Howard said he’d enjoyed his Rolling Stone cover shoot with famed portrait photographer Platon, who kept encouraging Howard the entire time, calling him ‘top man.’

In a clip, Platon could be heard exclaiming: “F’ing beautiful. I love it! Top man!” Howard had thought the shoot went a little long (“Oh, it went on and on.”) but allowed it, thinking, “The more he shoots, the more likely he’ll get one good picture.”

In another clip, Platon could be heard directing Howard at the Studio 69 console: “Don’t move, man. Stay with me. Amazing!” Howard wasn’t sure he wanted to have anything more than an audio record of the shoot though: “There’s video. I don’t even want to release it. It’s so gay.”

Lisa G reported that she’d spoken with Platon after the shoot: “He said he got an innocence out of you that he hasn’t seen before. A childlike innocence.”

Howard moaned: “I’ll look like a baby.”