Baba Booey Loses Advisory Vote

March 9, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After Lisa G reported that he’d lost a community vote last night, Gary came in say he’d actually lost a vote by his town’s Parks & Rec Advisory Committee. Seven of the 11 committee members voted against him–but it was only the second of three votes, and one of the votes that doesn’t really count: “There’s two [initial] votes that are advisory…they’re saying to the people who are going to vote, ‘Here’s what we think.'”

Robin speculated that Gary would be a Parks & Rec Board trailblazer: “Gary’s about to become the only person who has never been approved.”

Gary laughed: “That is true, Robin.” Gary said his nemesis spoke up before at last night’s vote to complain about the show–and Howard’s expletive-laced references to her: “She didn’t like the way she was discussed.”