Tabitha Stevens on Her Time with Charlie Sheen

March 9, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Porn star Tabitha Stevens called in to say she used to sleep with Charlie Sheen: “I got paid to do it.” Tabitha claimed he’d once even paid her $10,000, but she almost didn’t want the check: “I felt weird taking money from him because I liked him.”

Tabitha worked her way up to $10,000 from an initial payment of $5,000. For their first meet, Charlie sent a limo: “He wants to impress you when you meet him.”

Asked what Charlie was like in bed, Tabitha shrugged: “I think he said on your show that he’s not into crazy stuff. And he really isn’t. He’s not one of those guys that last a long time. It’s missionary. It wasn’t any weird position. And yeah, he’s a missionary kind of guy.”

Tabitha also confirmed Charlie’s claims about his penis size: “I would say in the eight inch range.” Robin thought that could be the problem: “That could drive you crazy. A big cock. Too much testosterone.”

Running from Papa Sheen

Tabitha said she eventually started refusing Charlie’s money but never considered herself his girlfriend: “I had to take him out of the hospital once but I never lived with him.”

Asked to explain, Tabitha recounted: “He thought he’d gotten gout in his foot. He was hiding under a desk when I saw him. It was really strange.”

When Charlie checked in, his father, legendary actor Martin Sheen, threatened to have him detained, so Charlie summoned Tabitha to sneak him out: “So his dad couldn’t have him arrested.”

With her final check, she paid for her first cosmetic surgery procedure: “How weird is that.” She’s since paid for countless more.