The Evolution of Rickyman

March 9, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Early in the show, Howard played a clip from yesterday’s Wrap-Up Show in which Ronnie the Limo Driver said he’d hooked up with a cousin at the age of 9: “Let’s just say I used a finger on somebody.”

Ronnie later hooked up with another neighborhood girl, often “grinding” on her for hours after school–until her parents came home: “I hid in the closet. No lie…until her mother went into the bathroom and she snuck me out.”

Ronnie came in to say he also once got it on with one of his mom’s mahjong friends at the age of 16–making their hook-up illegal–after he’d baby sat for her kids: “She jerked me off and I went home.”

Howard asked if Ronnie ever returned to the well, but Ronnie shook his head: “She was married. It never happened again and they moved away.”

Ronnie said youth was in his favor: “There was no Mambo back then, either. It was Old Spice.”