Who Would Little Lupe Rather … ?

April 4, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jeff, one of the losers from last week’s World’s Saddest Listener contest, called in, so Howard offered him a chance to play Who Would Lupe Rather?

Jeff will have to guess who porn star ‘Little’ Lupe Fuentes said she’d rather bang–3 out of 5 right will win him a cash prize. Lupe’s options, followed by Jeff’s guesses and Lupe’s answers:

A beautiful horse or a German Shepard. Jeff: A beautiful horse. Lupe: German Shepard.

Very smelly cab driver or a homeless person? Jeff: A homeless person. Lupe: Smelly cab driver.

Eel or a pig? Jeff: Eel. Lupe: Pig.

After being ruled out, Howard gave Jeff one last chance, asking Lupe would rather bang someone with crabs or a ‘fresh’ dead person. Jeff won it all, guessing she’d rather bang someone with crabs.