Coco, Meet Christian – Your New Daddy

Courteney and David Arquette chat with Howard

April 14, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

David tried to lighten things up: “Any chance we can get you on the Sybian?” And Courteney returned the favor: “In 11-12 years of marriage, he’s [David] never looked this hot.” Howard noted that David had expressed interest in dating pop star Jessie J earlier in the weeek, but Courteney didn’t know who she was–David explained: “She looks like you.” Courteney referenced David’s first post-separation fling: “So did the first girl, by the way. A prettier, younger version of me.” Courteney later fumed: “I’ll be looking her up later. Don’t you worry.” Courteney went on, riffing on David’s penchant for younger women: “I dare you to bang Martha Stewart.” Howard asked Courteney to name a Hollywood fantasy of her own, so Courteney obliged: “It could be not realistic at all? It could be [someone] married?…I would say I have a talent crush on Christian Bale.” David immediately broke into an impression of Bale’s infamous tirade: “Oh good for you!”