Kara Opens Up On Her Time at ‘American Idol’

April 27, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Kara said she’d been introduced to ‘Idol’ in a disruptive way: “It was like I broke up The Beatles. I think that what was really frustrating for me was that I could never voice who I really was. And they didn’t set it up so well.” Howard agreed: “They didn’t introduce you properly.” Kara continued: “When I’d watch the show, I’d be like, ‘She is annoying. That person.’ Because that person wasn’t me.” Kara said her rocky relationship with Simon Cowell didn’t help: “I thought he was way too hard on me…the guy was the star. I got it.” But they got along better as time went on: “He really ran the panel…I learned a lot from that guy. I learned a lot from watching him.”