The Bare Market

May 10, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Bibi said she used to work as a stripper/prostitute but had to start giving out freebies: “I lose a lot of money just because I just–you know–the economy sucks right now. Guys don’t have money and I still want to get f’ed.”

Howard introduced Bibi to JD and asked if he was freebie-worthy, and Bibi jumped: “Yeah. Can I do a sex scene in here?”

Howard balked (“We can’t have intercourse here in the studio.”) but encouraged JD to feel Bibi up–she loudly begged for more: “Squeeze ’em harder!”

Bibi told the crew she has a stable of guys she turns to when she’s in need: “I have like an f’ buddy list on my phone.”

Just last night, she sent out a “Who’s in Times Square?” mass-text: “And I also f’ed, like, a guy in the lobby of my hotel.”

Howard tried to guess how many guys Bibi had slept with, but she couldn’t even name a ballpark figure: “I have no idea. It’s countless.”