Arnold Is A Free Man

May 11, 2011

‘Arnold Schwarzenegge’r called in to celebrate his new life as a single guy: “Like they say, ding dong the witch is dead…I feel like He-Man. I defeated Skeletor.” ‘

Arnold’ said he was as over Maria (“She looked like a cadaver more and more.”) as he was as Governator: “Listen, I’m done with California. I totally ran that into the shitter.”

‘Arnold’ said he planned to age (“My penis is all shrunk. I’ve got man-boobies. It’s bullshit.”) in peace–he’ll never remarry: “I’d rather burn alive or be torn apart by wild dogs than do that ever again.”

Robin commented on how funny the many incendiary things ‘Arnold’ had said and Howard laughed that they would have been even funnier if the real Arnold had said them.