Sussy Gave It All Up for Beer

May 24, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard again complained about Sussy, the HowardTV lighting designer who’d quit to bike around the world visiting small farms and breweries.

Howard speculated that Sussy was sure to burden us all later: “I don’t want you complaining and I don’t want you going on welfare. And I don’t want you asking me for a handout.”

Sussy called in to say he’d be fine: “I’m in excellent shape. I’m in excellent health. I’m meeting a lot of people.”

Howard asked if was true that Sussy has vomited after a recent brewery tour, so Sussy confessed: “I over-indulged a little bit.”

Howard laughed at Sussy’s priorities and introduced him to John, the new lighting designer: “Where is Sussy’s replacement? So he can come in here and tell me how much he loves his new job.”

John said he was a biker as well: “I bike sometimes. I bike to work sometimes…but, you know, I’ve got bills to pay.”