Whitney Cummings Wishes Howard Could be Her Costar

September 21, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Whitney Cummings stopped by to promote her new NBC sitcom “Whitney” and Howard admitted he’d probably date Whitney if he were single.

“I would love it. I wouldn’t let you wear condoms, though,” Whitney told him.

Howard hoped she’d at least be on the pill, so Whitney laughed and told him, “Oh yes. I’m on every pill there is.”

After Howard suggested they exchanged email addresses, Whitney thought she wasn’t ready for the responsibility. “You should not give me your email. Because I’ll take Ambien and send photos and be inappropriate,” she told him. She also told Howard she wished he could have been on her new sitcom. “I would have made you make out with me and been like, ‘It’s in the script. We have to do it,'” she joked.