Wendy the Bowler Begs for Some Spending Cash

September 27, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Wendy the Retard called in to ask Howard for money, so Howard reminded her that she’d sworn to stop begging (“You promised me 20 times.”) and that the government considers all Stern Show-issued assistance to be income. So for every sponsored prize Howard awards Wendy, the government shaves off a significant percentage of her monthly checks:if I give you money, your disability [check] is going to get cut.”

Wendy didn’t care: “I gotta get new clothes. I don’t have a good pair of shoes…[and] I need to get a game system for my little nephew.”

After deciding to send Wendy the latest couture, Howard asked if she’d been bowling lately. Wendy said she’d gone with a group of her friends and scored a 156.

Howard laughed: “Who does the scoring? I mean, no offense, [but] you are retarded. And so are your friends.”

Wendy agreed, but did say that she got 3 strikes and 9 spares in a recent game.