David Arquette Saw Nip

September 28, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

David Arquette called to ask Howard to vote for him on ‘Dancing with the Stars’–and denied he saw more of Courteney Cox now that they were separated: “We have better communication but we’re not together more.”

David said he was shocked by his near-elimination from DWTS this week: “I was! I was shocked I was in the bottom two. I didn’t get enough votes and I didn’t dance well.” He was also shocked by fellow contestant Nancy Grace’s on-camera nip slip: “I was surprised that her nipple was holding a gavel.”

David promised to take the show more seriously now: “I’m showing some skin next week.” He’ll also try, unlike last week, to choke back his tears: “I thought about my daughter and everything that happened in the last year…I’m a very emotional person.”