Jenny Hutt Is Down One Famous Friend

October 17, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jennifer Koppelman Hutt stopped by to promote ‘Whateverland,’ a book she wrote with her old radio partner, Alexis Stewart. Howard noted her significant weigh loss, so Jenny nodded: “Close to 70 [pounds], depending on the morning.”

Asked about Alexis, Jenny admitted their relationship fell apart after the book: “I’m a people person and she’s not.”

Howard marveled at how Alexis “just cut [Jenny] right out of her life…I love shit like that.”

Jenny said Alexis even unfriended–and blocked–her on Facebook: “She doesn’t like me anymore…I think everything about me is kind of like what she hates.”

Jenny confessed that Alexis’s exact reasons were still “unclear” to her, adding, “I think that I am warm and she doesn’t do warmth.” Jenny also admitted she’d undergone a slight personality shift: “I think there’s a part of me that was a lot more shy when I was heavier.”