Why Alexis Wasn't Booked Too

Howard wished Alexis was present to answer the charges, so Jenny revealed that she wouldn't allow it--she's afraid Alexis might fight dirty: "I have certain boundaries and I wasn't sure that those would have been respected if we had a fight. Just my kids, my family..."

Alexis has already attacked Jenny's dad (for marrying his secretary) on Facebook: "It's my dad and I love him. And he's--my mother's dead. At this point, what are we going to do?"

Jenny said she'd often confided in Alexis before the rift and feared how personal things might get: "I don't want to cry. To have a day where there's no tears is a gift."

Gary came in to echo Jenny's concerns about Alexis: "She's one of the most horrible people I've ever met. I hate her more than life itself." But as bad as things are, Jenny still missed their friendship: "It devastates me. I don't like to fight with people."