T.I. on Prison Fighting Etiquette

The famous southern-born rapper makes no mistake about his policy on prison rape

October 18, 2011

Howard asked if T.I. was party to any prison rape during his incarceration, but T.I. shook his head: “That kind of thing only comes to people who invite it and welcome it.”

Howard said Tom Sizemore had recently said the same thing about his jail time–that he wouldn’t get ass raped without a fight–but T.I. did Tom one better: “I’m not getting f’ed in the ass with a fight.”

T.I. said he only had to throw down once while inside: “It was because I wanted to fight. He didn’t instigate an altercation. He said something I didn’t like…he insinuated that I told on somebody in order to get my time reduced.”

T.I. approached the prisoner and proposed that “we go somewhere where the police won’t see us and we fight.”

By fight, it was understood that neither would pull out weapons: “That’s usually not a fight.”

T.I. said the fight didn’t last very long, and ended with T.I. pinning his opponent to the ground.