Benjy Confesses His Love to Elisa

November 1, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Asked how he felt about Elisa, Benjy confessed that he was in love: “This is someone I could spend my whole life with and every day be happy and look forward to being with her. I’m not in love in a commitment kind of way because we haven’t really–we haven’t dated.”

Howard watched Elisa’s face as Benjy spoke, laughing: “Poor Elisa’s saying to herself, ‘Why can’t this guy just be a little hotter?'”

Elisa said she enjoyed spending time with Benjy–but felt guilty: “I don’t want to take advantage of him because I feel like he’s such a great person. I actually get sad sometimes…the other night we went to this, like, kind of romantic dinner and I got so sad, because there’s, like, these people next to us and they’re on a date and we’re having so much more fun than them.”