David Arquette Found Love Again

November 7, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

David Arquette stopped by to sit in on the news–but Howard gave him little time to get settled, immediately asking if David was in love with his new girlfriend, ‘Entertainment Tonight’ reporter Christina McLarty.

David blushed (“Yeah, I am.”), adding that Christina had said the same. David said he’d also told Courteney Cox about his new love (“And that’s not an easy conversation to have.”) but knew he wasn’t making a mistake: “Because you feel comfortable with somebody. Because they make you happy.”

Robin asked if David thought he fell in love too easily, so David shrugged: “Yes. I do fall in love [easily]. But are you one of those people that closes your heart to the world and puts up–I think you need to open up your heart, Robin. I think you need to let some love and joy inside that dark little place. And by dark little place, I mean your vagina.”