Ben Stiller Took the Summer Off

Ben Stiller stopped by to promote 'Tower Heist' and told Howard he balanced his busy schedule with long summer breaks: "I took all summer off. So [for] about 8 weeks this summer, I did nothing."

Ben said it was important to have energy for his kids, as they give it right back: "Over the years, I've figured out how much I can handle and how much I can't, you know..."

He learned this balance from a young age, when his parents were 'Stiller and Meara': "They would take us with them [on the road] whenever they could." Ben said he'd recently moved to New York City but denied Howard's idea that LA was toxic: "It's not poisonous. I just wanted to get back to New daughter's 9 and my son's 6 [and] I wanted them to have an East Coast experience."

Ben later admitted LA had it's drawbacks: "It's a little more isolated because you can live a life where you never have to go on the street...I just missed New York. I missed that experience of the city."

Ben laughed that he'd actually moved into an apartment in the same building that he grew up in and his parents still live in: "The rules sort of got established through experience...we got the apartment there and one day we were in the bedroom and we were talking and I looked in the doorway [and] my father was standing there. In our bedroom. So that's when we first realized we had to establish some ground rules."