A New Man: Benjy's Beard & Bling

Pressed about his suddenly-darker beard, Benjy copped to dying it: "I thought it looked better darker. But I did it too much last night." Howard wondered what Benjy meant by too much: "Look at the skin under the beard! It's all..."

Benjy said he'd used 5 boxes of Just For Men: "I had to wash it like a thousand times."

Benjy's Bling

Gary came in to point out an (even more) unusual accessory around Benjy's neck: a bejeweled cougar. "He's wearing, like, hip jewelry now."

Benjy said it was a gift from Elisa: "It's, like, a panther, I think?"

Benjy also detailed his recent weight loss (going on 70lbs), a detail Robin later used to prove Elisa wasn't really attracted to Benjy--and trying to distract herself: "I feel like he's a Christmas tree. She keeps hanging ornaments on him...is that thing hanging from around his neck supposed to hypnotize her?"

Even with a new svelte figure, Benjy knew better then to deliver the kiss of death: "I don't take off my shirt. I've always said, when I take off my shirt, I'm trying to break up with a chick."

Finally Admits to Lying About His Age

Howard thought the recent changes in Benjy's life also underlined his long struggle with aging--and Benjy opened up, admitting (for the first time) that he'd lied about his age: "I changed my age in college because I took, like, 9 years to graduate."

Benjy said he hadn't been a dedicated student until late in his collegiate career: "I was in and out of college for a long time. And then I got back in and I loved it."