Ronnie’s Winter Poem

December 1, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard asked about the poem Robin had commissioned from Ronnie the Limo Driver–Robin asked for a few lines about Winter–so Ronnie came in to say he was finished: “It’s done. But I’m not reading it.” S

o JD read/mangled it for him: “Winter is when there are no leaves on the trees. Winter is when when we say goodbye to the birds and the bees. Winter is when we get an extra hour of Zs. Winter is when a red-suited man brings us all lots of glee. Winter is when the snow falls and we yell, ‘Happy New Year!’ Winter is when you turn that special girl or guy’s heart bright red with love and cheer until this time again next year. Winter goes away and the birds and bees and extra hour of Zs all go back to where they should be: Winter, Spring.”