Eric the Midget Negotiates Live

December 8, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard got John Strauss, the “Something About Mary” screenwriter and “In Plain Sight” show runner, on the line and said he was enjoying John’s protracted negotiations with Eric the Midget (which Howard had warned him would happen). John laughed that he was not: “Howard, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. You were absolutely correct.”

John said the show was rapidly approaching a casting deadline–he must have Eric on board soon: “There have been nights, literally, where I’ve awakened in the middle in the night wondering if this was really going to go down.”

Eric called in to say he was available for most of the episode’s 10-day shooting schedule–except for the 2nd day. John said that could be an issue: “If you want to wait until we get a little closer, we can do that.”

John also promised to pay Eric for his travel time (2 days each way to drive from Sacramento to Albequerque), in addition to his one day on set: “It works out to about $3,000.” He’d also get rerun residuals, but the payment for that is up to SAG–not the show.

Hollywood’s Littlest Hardballer

Eric wasn’t sure if he could drive his own van: “My dad’s a bit of a ‘mileage nazi’ with this van. Driving would be ok, but we’d somehow have to avoid using the van that we’ve got.”

Flying didn’t sound like an option either: “Airlines like to have 30 days notice if a passenger is traveling with oxygen.”

John put travel aside, continuing down Eric’s list of demands, and said they couldn’t promise Eric an on-set masseuse: “Is that a deal-breaker?” Eric said he’d just have to be careful with his hip.