Meet Jenna Rose

December 14, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jenna Rose, Penthouse’s newly-crowned Pet of the Year, stopped by to meet Howard and allow six lucky listeners to feel her up. Jenna said she was so hot growing up, her mom kept her sequestered from her step-dad–he had to stay in a separate wing of the house: “He wasn’t allowed out.” Whenever he had to walk through the living room to smoke outside, her mom would rush in ahead of him to cover Jenna with a blanket. Jenna’s mom was so overprotective, Jenna was too afraid to lose her virginity until late in her high school career: “I was always afraid that at any given moment, my mother would take me to the doctor and give me a pap smear.” The only sport she was allowed to play was softball, “because it was the only sport where they were completely covered, with the socks and stuff.”