She's Got a Man's Body & a Dirty Mouth

Sarah told the crew she'd had no qualms about her upcoming 'Peep World' nude scene: "We're all naked and the set is closed...we're all in the same boat."

Sarah said she'd accidentally slipped some lip at the camera--but doubted anyone would be interested: "I have a sporty body. I don't go in in the waist."

Sarah later corrected herself, saying she should have a better attitude: "I want to be as comfortable with my body as I want young girls to think that I am."

Howard asked if she'd ever been nude on home video, so Sarah laughed: "If I ever saw a video of myself having sex, I would never have sex again. I would kill--"

Sarah explained that it wasn't her body that repulsed her as much as her mouth: "It's like I talk in tongues. You know, I'm very quiet at first but once it gets going, I can't even control myself. I talk dirty. I like to talk dirty...I talk about the penis."