A Surprise Visit from Courteney Cox

Late in the show, Courteney Cox surprised everyone by walking into the studio to answer Howard's charges--she first claimed she wasn't sleeping with any of her 'Cougar Town' co-stars: "They really don't want to get involved in this mess."

That widely-reported vacation she took with Josh Hopkins, the show's lead, was purely platonic: "I was a little surprised, to be honest with you, that I didn't get hit on at all."

Howard later asked if Josh was an 'emotional friend,' but Courteney refused to single Josh out: "I would say the whole cast is an emotional friend."

But on vacation, Josh was one of the few to visit her hotel room: "Yeah. They came to watch the Kentucky game."

Howard thought something was amiss: "This guy's working you. He's working his way into your pants." Courteney's shrugged it off, but her comment was revealing: "He actually doesn't want to."