Dennis Rodman Is Hard to Understand

Dennis Rodman stopped by to discuss his recent induction into the NBA Hall of Fame (and to promote his appearance at the Headquarters Gentleman's Club in NYC for his 50th birthday party), and immediately had to answer for his man-bag: "I been carrying purses, man, since 1992."

Dennis explained he was obviously humbled by the NBA's honor: "I was emotionally shocked...I was a piece of the team. I said, 'You guys shouldn't be doing this for me.' Because I don't deserve this."

Howard asked what more Dennis could have done, so Dennis explained: "It wasn't working harder. I think I should have been there a lot longer than I was...there could have been at least 10, 11, 12 years."

Howard then played audio of Dennis breaking down after the NBA's announcement--audio Dennis couldn't listen to. Asked why he'd removed his headphones, Dennis said he couldn't even look at himself on TV: "Most of the time, for me, I can't believe it. I can't believe I'm a star."

Dennis said he was thankful for the honor because his reputation, particularly amongst kids his children's age, won't be as that basketball-playing "homo": "You don't put people in the Hall of Fame for [being gay]."

While they were discussing schoolyard taunts, Dennis lobbed a few at a certain NBA player-turned-executive ("Isiah Thomas used to kiss my ass.") and The View yentas: "They talk too much!"