Jimmy Kimmel on Andy Dick, Dropping Weight & One of His 'Friends'

Courtney Cox and David Arquette's relationship is discussed

Jimmy said he'd tried to create a different show when he started at ABC by having a real, working bar on-set, but the audience quickly abused his open bar policy: "Someone vomited during the first show."

Jimmy's since moved the party backstage, where it's become quite the celebrity hotspot--it even has regulars, like Andy Dick: "I wouldn't say he lived there but he would come by...oftentimes he had to be escorted from the premises."

Howard and Jimmy then discussed details from the most recent party Jimmy threw in Howard's honor. Both agreed that the juiciest tidbit was the sight of David Arquette and Courteney Cox holding hands--but agreed it likely meant little.

Jimmy hoped they could work things out: "I figured out a solution for those two, I think. Courteney should adopt David." David could also try adopting "you know, moderation"--the method by which Jimmy recently lost 20lbs.