Jon Favreau Is Out of 'Iron Man 3'

Howard noted that Jon wouldn't directing "Iron Man 3": "Jon pussied out of making 'Iron Man 3' because he was afraid--he was afraid of too much expectation."

Jon said there was more to it than that, sarcastically invoking another abandoned trilogy: "I see how depressed Steven Spielberg is that he didn't direct 'Jurassic Park 3.'"

What's more, Marvel was tight with compensation: "It's Marvel. Nobody gets a piece of anything."

Jon Hein came in to say he'd been at the "Cowboys & Aliens" premiere: "It's going to be a big hit...I've never seen a movie like that."

Jon had one reservation--Olivia Wilde's sadly incomplete nudity: "You can only see her naked from behind. Which is the only complaint I had." Jon (Favreau) laughed that he had to preserve the film's PG-13 rating: "I did as much as I could."