The Superfan Contest: Round 1

Howard then welcomed the Superfan challengers, Jim, Joe, and Peter, telling them they'd be competing as a team against the most knowledgeable Stern staffers: himself, Fred and Gary. Vinnie then started the 1st round--each question counted for 5pts each: What was Gary's first nickname on the show? The fans: Boy Gary. What was Howard's original title for "Private Parts?" Howard: Mein Kampf. On what cable network did "Son of the Beach" air? The fans: FX. For the fourth question, the staff was asked to name the person heard in a short audio clip of Billy West impersonating a well known baseball team owner--Gary recognized it was Marge Schott. Who was nicknamed The Nightbird? The fans: Allison Steele. Who was banned from the show after punching Stuttering John? Fred: AJ Benza. 'F Timmy' refers to what kind of animal? The fans: a cat. What did Robin score on Dr. Drew's narcissism test? Howard: 34. Who was Riley Martin's original co-host? The fans' guess: E-Ron. The correct answer: Curtis Cooperman. What was Sal apologizing for in the infamous "Hi, this is Sal Governale..." clip? Gary: "[For] saying white women shouldn't date black men." What were DC101's call letters? The fans: WWDC. What Van Halen song is on the Private Parts soundtrack? Fred incorrectly guessed : "Running with the Devil." So it went to the fans, who incorrectly guessed it was "You Really Got Me." Gary finally settled it with the correct answer: "Jamie's Crying." What is name of the 'uncle' Benjy doesn't want mentioned on the show? The fans: Detlev Bronk. What was the name of Howard's childhood summer camp? Fred: Wel-Met.