Jonah Hill Pranks Thanks to Dustin Hoffman

Jonah Hill stopped by to promote his latest film, 'Moneyball,' and told Howard he'd been discovered by Dustin Hoffman.

Dustin had overheard Jonah making prank calls with his son (who was a childhood friend of Jonah's)--and encouraged them to continue: "He loved it. So I made him a CD."

Pranking Dustin's star-studded Rolodex made Jonah a better actor: "He'd go, 'Call this person. Call this person''s the best improvisational exercise you could ever have."

Box Folder to Screen Star In One Hour

Jonah said Dustin also gave him his big break in Hollywood--a small role in 'I Heart Huckabees'--by calling him at work and telling him to come meet him "and some people" at a house in Brentwood.

The call was a total surprise: "I never thought he was going to reach out in a meaningful way."

Jonah put down the boxes he was folding and told his boss he had to go to Dustin Hoffman's house: "He was like, 'Yeah? I'm meeting Christopher Walken at Starbucks.'"

When he walked into the house, Jonah was shocked to see some of Hollywood's biggest names: Dustin, David O. Russell, Jude Law, Naomi Watts, Mark Wahlberg, Lily Tomlin and Justin Schwarzman: "All sitting around, like, reading this movie they're about to do. And they're listening to my prank call CD."

Jonah said his life changed in those 60 minutes: "I was literally folding a box an hour ago."