Gloria Estefan Is a Solo Artist


Gloria Estefan stopped by to promote her new album, 'Little Miss Havana,' and gave a quick spin: "I've got lace on at this time in the morning for you, Howard." Howard asked how Gloria told Miami Sound Machine that she was dropping the band from her act's name: "That is a major thing to have to tell a group of guys."

Gloria shrugged: "Miami Sound Machine is my husband Emilio. I joined his band. He started it with his accordion. Alone."

Gloria said Emilio had been working in the mail room at Bacardi when a co-worker hired him for a party--and loved it, asking him to bring a backing band next time. The players Emilio hired became Miami Sound Machine. Gloria joined much later, when the band was a 9-piece, and led the act's transition: "At that point, Emilio was no longer performing on stage either, so he said, 'Forget the name.'"

The Legacy of Conga

Asked if there was a song she felt compelled to perform, Gloria said her audiences would riot if she walked without singing 'Conga': "That's my signature tune. I couldn't get away with not doing that song."

And in addition to the large crowds, the song's royalties also draw big dividends: "For a 30-second spot in France for a biscuit commercial--half a mil."

Gloria's 'Scary' Single

Howard played Gloria's new single, 'Little Miss Havana,' laughing: "When I hear a song like this, I know Ronnie's driven me too far uptown. I say, 'Turn this car around. I'm scared.'"

Ham Hands Bill called in to say he once had a girlfriend who was a huge fan of Gloria's: "Every time she played your music, I had to bend her over and I had to smell her panties and make love to her."

Sexing Emilio, Castro for Freedom

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After learning that Gloria started dating Emilio when she was still a teenager, Howard wondered if she was a virgin when they married. Gloria nodded, saying their wedding night was a struggle: "It took a long time to accomplish that thing because..." Howard finished for her: ""It was painful? Is Emilio so big?" Gloria looked to Robin for sympathy, laughing: "Actually, yeah!" Asked if she'd have sex with Fidel Castro if it'd free Cuba from communism, Gloria laughed: "That would imprison my brain for the rest of my life...I think Emilio would be the one to tell me, 'C'mon! How bad could it be?'" Emilio came in from the green room to say he'd do it himself: "I would to anything to have a free Cuba...I would have sex and kill him after the sex." Gloria laughed: "You'd probably kill him with the sex!"