Sean Keefe: Paternity Fraud Warrior

February 28, 2012

Sean Keefe called in to tell Howard about his effort to get a Paternity Fraud law past the West Virginia state legislature. Sean himself is a victim–he found out his son wasn’t his after divorcing his cheating wife. And while he’s still a loving father–he willingly pays palimony–he doesn’t think others should suffer the same fate. So he’s refused to pay spousal support, a contention that’s landed him in jail twice: “I’ve done a total of six months.” Asked if he’d been able to track down his son’s real father, Sean said he had–it’s his wife’s boss–but so far the guy’s stone-walled him: “I’ve spoken to his lawyers.” Howard sympathized with Sean’s plight: “The biological father should have to a) reimburse the guy for 4 years of child support, and b) Pick up the child support payments.” Robin couldn’t believe the law wasn’t already in Sean’s favor: “You’d think it was a no-brainer.”