Howard’s Shiny Buff

Howard discusses his visits to the salon.

April 9, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard revealed that he’d begun getting mani-pedis with Beth, as she frequently complains that he scratches her, but had hard time getting comfortable at the salon: “Of course, I walk in and there’s no guys…[but] there were tons of yentas in there.” Howard was glad to turn himself over, as he never has the patience to file his own nails: “They work hard, these women. … My toes look so beautiful.” His first visit made him such a devoted convert, he returned with just a week’s worth of growth–this time choosing a matte, instead of buffed-to-gloss, finish: “When I got my shiny buff, I felt I was two steps from swallowing a man’s cum.” Regret soon followed: “I skipped the shiny buff and I miss it!”