Lisa & Benjy Bury the Hatchet

April 18, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Lisa G came in to deny charges that she was jealous of Benjy’s girlfriend, Elisa Jordana. According to Lisa, her real problem was with Benjy himself: “He called me a c**t on Twitter.” Benjy shrugged: “This was after Lisa repeatedly said bad stuff about Elisa.” Elisa then came in to echo speculation that Lisa was secretly in love with Benjy: “To be so jealous over something, you have to care a lot.” Lisa said she did care, but not in a romantic way: “I mourn the loss of that [friendship] and I think that’s a very real emotion.” Benjy eventually buckled: “I’m sorry I implied you’re a c**t and I’m sorry I called you a c**t.” Lisa apologized as well.