The Ugly App Inventor Returns

April 23, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard welcomed Ugly Meter Pro app inventor, Joe Overline back for an update, as Joe has made a pretty penny since his last time on the show: “You became a very wealthy man.” Joe said he’d sold 220,000 apps since that appearance, netting him $300,000-400,000. Howard said Joe also made an enemy when the app gave Ronnie the Limo Driver a “zero” score: “He believes that you intentionally gave him a zero.”

Ronnie then came in, speaking in the third person: “Ronnie has a statement to make. Ronnie will not give this guy any kind of publicity. Ronnie doesn’t want to talk to him. He’s an asshole. He bad mouthed me on Superfan Roundtable and I have nothing to say about him. He made his money off the show. Good luck to him.” Ronnie then walked out as Howard called after him: “Howard has a question for Ronnie!”

Joe cited his own Ugly Meter score, a 32, as proof that he didn’t put in a fix: “I think Ronnie has a bit of an ego to think that he is the one on the show that the world revolves around.”

Jon Lieberman reported that Ronnie not only thinks there was a fix, but also believes he was owed a share of the app’s sales: “Ronnie told us, in an interview, that this guy owes him at least $50,000.”

Ronnie rushed back in to dispute Jon’s number: “I said thirty!’ Ronnie refused to speak directly to Joe: “I don’t like you. I don’t like your voice. You sound like Chyna.”

At Howard’s request, Joe swore on his progeny: “On the life of my child, Ronnie is a zero.”

Ronnie didn’t care: “You’re a piece of shit on the bottom of my f***ing shoe. You can say whatever you want about me with strippers and everything else. Ok? You’re a piece of shit. And I don’t like you. You’re a f***ing user. … And you’re an ugly motherf***er.”

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The studio eventually erupted with a chorus of “WHOA”, and Joe laughed: “He spit in my face! I hope the zero’s not contagious.” Ronnie had to be held back: “I’m standing right here! Say it to my f***ing face!” Howard stopped the action, asking if he needed a second security detail: “What’s the matter, Ronnie? You’ve got to calm down.” Robin said she was scared: “We have our own Mel Gibson.”