Jenny McCarthy Talks ‘Love in the Wild’

June 4, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jenny McCarthy stopped by the Stern Show to promote her new NBC series, “Love in the Wild.” It didn’t take long for the always revealing guest to start spilling, including how she turns to porn for performance tips in her own bedroom.

“I actually did blowjob homework,” she told Howard about the many night she watched YouPorn videos. The secret, according to Jenny, is to mix things up. “The women who are good at it know they have to multi-task on the cock,” Jenny explained.

And when it comes to actual intercourse, Jenny has long favored “the calendar method” of contraception.”Why let the rubber have all the fun?” she said with a laugh.

Before she left, Jenny discussed her unstoppable sex drive. “I have to masturbate every day. Sometimes twice a day,” she admitted to Howard. She’s no longer single, however, and described her new boyfriend, Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, as “very sweet.”

“I’m very happy,” Jenny told Howard.