Howard Remembers Henry Hill

June 13, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Early in the show, Howard noted the death of Henry Hill, the “reformed” mafioso (he was the main character in Nicholas Pileggi’s “Wiseguy” which became Martin Scorsese’s “Goodfellas”) and long-time friend of the show.

“I loved hearing Henry on the show and I loved hearing his mob stories, but Henry was a despicable guy. I mean, he’s killed people. He took a shortcut in life,” Howard said. “There was no substance to the guy. You didn’t realize he was a pathological liar.”

Howard remembered Henry’s wildest moments on the show: pimping his “awful, awful paintings,” claiming he’d killed and buried two stockbrokers on the fourth hole of the Rockville Center Links, slurring a Starbucks order at (a mistakenly offended) Lisa G, and laughing that deranged, sinister laugh.

“This is why Ray Liotta is such a great actor. He had that laugh down in that movie,” Howard finished.