The Dead or Alive Game

July 23, 2012

Howard gave a caller named Steve a shot at the Dead Or Alive Game, explaining that Steve merely had to guess whether the celebrity in question was dead or alive. A single correct guess will take home a cash prize. 1. Steve first guessed that Abe Vigoda, a sample question/celebrity, was dead: “He died in ‘The Godfather.'” But Abe is very much alive–he turned 91 in February. 2. Steve then guessed that John Astin, who played ‘Gomez’ on the original “The Addams Family” series was–it was unclear. Steve’s line cut out. (John is alive.) 3. Once he was back on the line, Steve correctly guessed that Pat Morita from “Happy Days” and “The Karate Kid” was dead. Pat died in 2005 at the age of 73.