Poogate Update: Howard Watches Video of Tim Sabean Fleeing the Messy Scene

"That's not rust. That's feces that's dried," Jon Leiberman explains

July 30, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Early in the show, Howard100 News anchor Jon Leiberman gave Howard a Poopgate update, complete with photos of the mess Tim ‘The Bathroom Bandit’ Sabean left on the staff bathroom’s railing: “That’s not rust. That’s feces that’s dried.”

Robin recoiled (“We need those people who clean up after a murder.”) as Jon begged Howard to investigate further: “Can I have an amnesty that I’m not going to be fired by Tim for pursuing this?”

After Howard, overjoyed by this turn of events, granted said amnesty, Jon cued up a video of Tim leaving the scene of the crime: “He’s walking with a very strange waddle as he exits the compound–almost as if he still has shit in his pants.”

Tim refused to come in and answer for himself, but Howard knew he would eventually buckle: “Our fans are understanding. After today, they’ll definitely drop it.”