Warren Sapp: ‘Sunday Was My Pleasure’

August 20, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Former NFL star Warren Sapp stopped by to promote his new book, ‘Sapp Attack’, crediting his success as a defensive tackle to his mindset: “I’m a safety trapped in a 300 pound body. I think I’m a little guy.” Howard wondered if the book’s sales would offset Warren’s reported $75,000-a-month child support payments–a number Warren disputed: “Hell no! How do I have $75,000 in child support? … I don’t have any kids I can’t pay for.” In response to a report that he’d failed 7 NCAA drug tests before the NFL Draft, Warren laughed that he hadn’t even peed in that many cups: “I didn’t take 7 drugs tests when I was at Miami.” Warren speculated that legacy NFL teams had conspired to damage his reputation: “‘Sources say.’ That’s all you need to say. … You can just sit behind an unnamed source.” The hit to Warren’s rep made that year’s expansion teams think twice, costing him both a higher pick and a bigger signing bonus.

Asked about locker room culture, Warren Sapp remembered a fellow college player his teammates called Big Dick Dave: “He was swingin’! Jesus. … It’s normally the guys that have an Alabama black snake that walk around like that.” Warren also said he’d never taken part, like the New Orleans Saints defense, in a bounty system: “Sunday was my pleasure. They paid me for Monday through Saturday.”