Gary the Retard Meets Carrie Ann Inaba

Gary the Retard called in from a cell phone ("I don't have a house phone no more.") to plan a potential Stern Show studio visit for his 60th birthday, but Howard said he wasn't sure if Gary should come--all the staff-proposed bits were pointless pranks: "What is it proving?" Gary proposed they find him a girlfriend: "I want to meet a nice-looking girl...I would like to meet somebody different, you know what I mean?" Asked to describe his type, Gary cited the women of "Dancing with the Stars," so Sal came in posing as the show's female judge, Carrie Ann Inaba--but flubbed the bit, repeatedly referring to himself as "Carrie Ann & Arbor". Howard laughed along but couldn't bring himself to torture Gary in person: "I love you, Gary." Gary seemed to understand: "I love you too, Howard."