The Newlyweird Game

October 10, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard promised Mark and Jen $500 if they could match just three answers in a round of The Newlyweird Game, so Jen excused herself to the isolation chamber. Howard’s questions, followed by Mark’s guesses and Jen’s answers: When is your partner’s birthday? Mark: “I think it’s in August?” Jen: “August 23rd, 1975.” What is your partner’s grossest habit? Mark: “Her snoring.” Jen: “Smoking.” How many times day does your partner defecate? Mark: “Maybe twice.” Jen: “” What is your partner’s favorite position? Mark: “On all fours.” Jen: “Doggystyle.” Where does your partner like you to ejaculate? Mark: “Probably in her mouth.” Jen: “On my stomach?” What is your partner’s favorite restaurant? Mark: “Olive Garden.” Jen: “Applebees.” Who is your partner voting for? Mark: “Obama.” Jen said the same, and the couple took home $500.