Sir Roger Moore Looks Back On Bond

November 12, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Sir Roger Moore stopped by to promote his new book, ‘Bond on Bond,’ an inside analysis of the franchise from the aging actor: “I was 58 when I played my last Bond and getting to the stage where three chins showed when I bent down to kiss a girl. And the girl I bent down to kiss was younger than my granddaughter. I thought, ‘This is time. Time to hang up your Walther PPK.'” When he quit, producers didn’t argue: “I was due for a raise.” Roger said he held on to very little of his Bond money–three divorces wiped him out: “They didn’t really wipe me out. Clean, I think, is the word.” Asked to name the greatest Bond, Roger said it had always been Sean Connery. Until this week: “Now I’ve seen ‘Skyfall,’ and now I have to say that there’s no doubt about it that the real Bond [is Daniel Craig]. He’s a great actor. His approach–ugh! I believe everything he says.”

In the interview’s most surprising turn, Roger admitted to being embarrassed of his small penis, particularly during his Bond girl love scenes. “I could hear them laughing.”